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About Winzlo


About the name "Winzlo"

Winzlo's profile pictureMy name is Brian Davidson, though I have been known by Winzlo for my entire “online life”. Back in the 1980’s I spent many years playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D). “Winzlo” was the name of one of the characters in my party. Through the luck of the dice, Winzlo seemed like he could do no wrong. He started as a level 1 fighter, and by the time I had stopped playing, he was a 57th level prince who had acquired Mormblade, which was a very special mystical sword. I chose the nickname "Winzlo" as it constantly reminds me of all the fun and joy I had growing up, not to mention the fantasy-world success.

Winzlo’s Life

Being born visually impaired (extremely near sighted), I was not very well accepted by kids while growing up. The few friends I had were good friends, and we did a lot of things together. This circle of friends shrank even more after moving to a suburb, despite the very strong friendships that I gained in the few kids that accepted my disability. Once the online world came into existence, my time was almost entirely spent in that world. I was involved in the huge BBS (Bulletin Board System) community in the mid-to-late 1980’s and taught myself as much about computers and telecommunications as I could. This proved to become the foundation of what value I bring as an IT professional today. The online and computer world were a perfect fit for me, because they were not impacted by my disability, and unless I spelled it out deliberately, it had no impact on online social interactions and friendships. Having overcome the visual obstacle, I constantly challenge myself to find new ways to do things and accomplish the same tasks as those without this disability, despite changes in technology that often created new obstacles. Needless to say, my life has been a constant struggle to overcome obstacles, and I feel that has helped inspire others to do the same.

Winzlo’s Music

Backing up to my childhood, I taught myself to play the trumpet and joined the school band when I was in 2nd grade – several years before most students were allowed to take band. As an exception, I was allowed to join and stuck with school band through high school. During those years, my attention often drifted to percussion, which I felt was more expressive and also came naturally to me. In my junior year of high school, I had encountered issues with the band teacher and was discouraged enough to give up trumpet forever. However, I had already begun dabbling with drums and had saved up enough money to buy a very simple kit. I have to give my parents a TON of credit for putting up with the noise I generated. I had a very strong sense of tempo right away, so I got bored with drums pretty quickly. Since garage bands were the big thing, and seeing my friends with electric guitars, I decided to get one and taught myself how to play. This was a much greater challenge, and I flip-flopped between drums and guitar for many years while I built up my guitar playing skill. After high school and college, I put my extensive computer and telecommunications experience to work and started my IT professional career, with family and music rounding out my life's priorities.

Looking to the future

Yes, it’s a 14 year old’s dream to be a rock star – something most people grow out of. Those that don’t outgrow that dream either remain “bedroom/closet musicians” or find other outlets for their music. In my case, performing Contemporary Christian music, as an act of leading worship, was what provided this musical outlet. I continue to find great enjoyment playing many different kinds and styles of music, though my absolute favorite is 1980's hard rock. I’ve played drums on the same club stages that my favorite bands from that decade stood on. I’ve recorded various drum and guitar tracks for several artists and try to stay as versatile as possible for whatever comes up.


My overall goal is to be recognized for my many talents, despite the obstacles I had to overcome and endure. My passion for music will never die, and I intend to play until the day I die, then maybe a day or two after that. If you have any musical projects that you would like help with, or are looking for someone to fill a gap in your group, and you are in the Twin Cities metro area, I encourage you to contact me so that we can discuss and I can see where things go from there. It is my hope that this website will inspire others to pursue interest in music and/or technology as I have.